New Foods: Leahey Gardens and Road’s End Organic Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

Are you a vegan? Do you got the blues over not being able to eat Kraft Mac n’ Cheese? Do you miss quick-and-convenient macaroni and cheese products? Then Roads End Organics and Leahey Gardens are for you! These brands both provide delicious vegan-friendly versions of your favorite childhood convenience foods.

Road’s End Organics (by Edward & Sons) has a lot of really good vegan products including gravies, alfredo sauces, pasta, candy, broth, and instant mashed potatoes. They have different kinds of pasta like elbows, shells (pictured), and 123s, but I think they use the same basic cheese sauce mix for all their cheese products. They also have gluten-freen products. I first tried their mac n’ cheese a little over a year ago and was quite pleased. Their cheese sauce is very savory and has a unique flavor. While the cheese doesn’t taste exactly like real cheese, it’s still extremely delicious.

Leahey Gardens also has a really good line of products like gravies, soups, mac n’ cheese, gluten-free products, and a few entrees. They also have an outstanding vegan cheese powder that you can buy separately that I use on my nachos (also comes in gluten free). I first tried their mac n’ cheese last summer and I gotta say, I was extremely impressed. Their cheese powder tastes exactly like non-vegan powdered cheese and is really really good. It also smells really good.

The products of both of these brands can be bought at Vegan Essentials or Pangea Foods. I usually get mine from Vegan Essentials just because I’m more familiar with it, but Pangea is just as good. Road’s End Organics can be bought at most health stores like Whole Foods.

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