Amigo Tacos – Vegan Tacos

A.K.A. Potato Beef Tacos. My better half, Trevor, actually named these babies. We were both in really good moods the day I invented these. It was one of the first days of school this semester, we signed up for volunteer work with Environment Arizona, and things just felt a little brighter than usual. They are a twist on the traditional taco, with potatoes as the main ingredient and “beef” as more of a texture-adder. I like putting lots of fresh veggies in my food, so it also has diced onions and colored peppers thrown in. I served them with hot salsa and guacamole.

I should mention, as you may know, I am not a professional chef. Everything I know I learned from my cookbooks and trial and error. About 2 years ago I started cooking potatoes for the first time, but they always came out crunchy, no matter how long I fried them or baked them. I was motivated to fix this problem by Trevor’s dissatisfaction with his potatoes. It wasn’t until the beginning of Fall 2012 that I found a good method: If I boil my potatoes for about 15 minutes before adding them to a dish, they will be nice and soft. So, that’s why in so many of my recipes (the ones that don’t involve mashed potatoes) I boil them first. So, if you have a better method, by all means, follow it! And please, send it to me! I’d love to get new ideas for cooking potatoes.

The featured picture shown is actually of my plain vegan tacos. I was unable to take a really one of these because they came out kind of messy. I will put a different picture up as soon as I make these again!

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