Autumn Nostalgia Oatmeal

I’ve been making this everyday this week because it’s one of the few things that reminds me of autumn in Arizona. Arizona doesn’t really have true autumn weather, which is a source of sadness for me, because autumn weather–the fog, leaves, fires burning, rain–is my favorite. Arizona maybe drops a few degrees (it does get considerably chillier in the winter, though) and they put up decorations of snowflakes and what not, but if you were to take a picture of the scenery on my campus, say, one in summer and one in winter, they would be identical: Blue skies, sunshine, and palm trees, which is nice in the summer, but not year-round. So, this bowl of oatmeal is quite reminiscent of beautiful, autumnal weather that I don’t get to see very often as an Arizonan. The image shows it with bananas and walnuts piled on top, which I like to add for texture and more nutrients.

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