Bourbon Peach Summer Cocktail

If you’re looking for the perfect summer drink, congrats, you have found it! I made this drink on a whim one day when I was craving iced tea with a bit more of a bite. I was stunned–STUNNED–at how well all these flavors balance together. The bourbon and tea are the shining stars in this drink, and pay a nod to southern cuisine flavors. So, naturally, I had to pair it with some vegan chicken and waffles. It’s also great to drink while you have a summer grilling day!

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For a just-as-delicious non-alcoholic version, simply omit the bourbon and double the amount of black tea used. This drink pairs really well with southern cuisine, but it will complement any savory dish super well. Or, you can share one with your best friend as you both watch the sunset, sipping the day away.

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How To Make the Bourbon Peach Summer Cocktail

You will need the standard bartending equipment for this drink:

  • A cocktail shaker
  • A strainer
  • A jigger
  • A muddler
  • A pairing knife
  • A cocktail rocks glass
  • A citrus juicer
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These are not too expensive, and you can find them at a surprising amount of stores, including Walmart and Marshall’s. There’s often very convenient bartending sets that contain everything you need. With this set, you can make virtually any cocktail you wish.

Also, you can also use a mason jar instead of a rocks glass for a more rustic look to your drink.

This drink is very quick to make, but will go smoother if you do these steps ahead of time:

  1. Cut and juice your lemon.
  2. Brew your black tea. Freshly brewed is the best.
  3. Frost your drinking glass by setting it in the freezer.

Once the preliminary steps are taken care of, you can get to bartending!

1. In the cocktail shaker, muddle together three mint leaves, simple syrup, and peaches. Be gentle with the mint, because pressing too hard and over muddling can make the mint leaves go bitter.

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2. Measure out and pour in your bourbon, black tea, and lemon juice. Top with ice.

3. Shake your cocktail! Firmly snap on the top of the cocktail shaker. With one hand on the bottom and one hand on the top of the shaker, shake vigorously back and forth over your shoulder. Do this for about one minute.

4. Grab your frosted glass from the freezer and fill it with ice.

5. Strain out the cocktail into the glass.

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6. Garnish with a bouquet of mint leaves or peach slice, or both. You can also use an orange peel as a a garnish.

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Bourbon Peach Summer Cocktail

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Equipment you will need: a cocktail shaker, a strainer, a muddle, a pairing knife, and equipment for brewing tea.

  • A cocktail shaker
  • A muddler
  • A pairing knife
  • Tea brewing equipment


Units Scale
  • 2 ounces of bourbon
  • 1 ounce of black tea (preferably freshly brewed)
  • 2 ounce of dices peach, peach nectar, or peach preserves
  • 3/4 ounces of lemon juice
  • 2 tsp of simple syrup
  • Fresh mint, for the drink and for garnish


  1. Put a mason jar or rocks glass into the freezer to frost.
  2. Cut and juice your lemon juice and set aside.
  3. Brew 1 ounce (or 2 ounces if doing non-alcoholic) of black tea according to the directions on the package. Set aside.
  4. In a cocktail shaker, gently muddle together 3 mint leaves, the peach, and the simple syrup. Don’t muddle the mint leaves too much because they will become bitter if so.
  5. Add in the bourbon and lemon juice. Add in the black tea. Top with ice.
  6. Vigorously shake the drink for a minute, then set aside.
  7. Retrieve the frosted glass from the freezer and fill it with ice cubes.
  8. Pour the drink over the ice. Garnish with a bouquet of mint leaves, or a peach slice, or both!

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