Rainbow Tofu Super Stir Fry

This meal was the result of one of those therapeutic cooking sessions where I took my time with everryythhiinngg to make it all come out perfect and that made me feel like I was a professional cook rather than an amateur college student who thinks she knows the tricks of the trade. However, all that time spent on it made the whole meal a lot more pleasurable to the palate, AND made me feel quite proud of myself! That is something I think a lot of people who want to cook should experience once they get the hang of it. It is very rewarding and ignites my creativity with more recipe ideas for the future! Plus, it’s good time to think, vent, sing, dance…..or maybe those last two are just me. But for cooks like me, time with the food they make is probably really important for inspiration, as well as for thinking about ways to improve you dish. So there’s my bit of cheesieness for the day. ON TO BETTER THINGS.

This dish was made for the yin to my yang, Trevor (aka T-bag), who is also a vegan. He wanted to start eating a lot more healthy. He loves stir fry, so I wanted to make him a really nice, healthy, pretty-looking meal that would satisfy his appetite.

It’s quite nutrient dense if you don’t cook the vegetables too much, and in the recipe, I have written the directions with minimal veggie-cooking in mind. And as some of you may know, I love colorful food, so I tried getting in all the colors of the rainbow for visual and aesthetic pleasure!!!!!! Plus, I just realized it signifies my support for a very important civil right 😉

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