Vegan Kidz Lunch Time!

Sometimes as a college student, you just need a break from all the stresses of school and be reminded of the fun times you had when you were a kid! At least, that’s how I view it. Even if most people didn’t dine on macaroni, finger sandwiches, or carrot sticks as a kid, it seems mainstream to idealize a kid-friendly lunch with these foods.

I love it when I have no idea what to make for din-din but realize later that I have all the perfect ingredients to make something fun, like the time I made my vegan pigs in a blanket. This time, I realized I had all the ingredients to make the ideal 6-year-old’s lunch: mac ‘n cheese, PB&J, apples, carrot sticks, and chocolate milk (with the yummy dairy-free alter egos of these foods, ‘cept that apples and carrots). So yea, I jumped on that opportunity. I didn’t record the actual recipe for it, although I’m sure you already know how to make sammiches, boil noodles, and cut fruits and veggies up. But here’s a little help.

What I used:

  • Red delicious apple and baby carrot sticks
  • Silk Chocolate Milk

For the PB&J

  • Wheat Bread
  • Justin’s All-Natural Peanut Butter
  • Cascade Organics Blackberry Fruit Spread

For the Mac ‘n Cheese

  • Market Pantry Elbow noodles
  • Leahey Gardens Cheese Sauce (Duh. What else would I use for cheese but Leahey’s!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Salt and Extra Nutritional Yeast


Or course, obviously you can use whatever other brands/types of sauce/breads/spreads you like. 😀 But hopefully your little one (or yourself) will enjoy this healthy filling meal right after playtime!





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