Gourmet Vegan Grilled-Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches have become sort of a paradigm in my life. They were my favorite food growing up and I ate them in all sorts of ways: in stick shapes, without crust, with different kinds of cheeses. I don’t know, grilled cheeses are just awesome and delicious. In high school, my friend Nikki and I, there were times where we wanted to “go camping” in my suburban backyard and we would try to do the whole shebang: the smores, the grilled foods, the sleeping bags, the radio. Not having an actual bonfire led us to get creative and grill our grilled cheese sanwiches over a lighter. We wanted it to work SO MUCH and were willing to sit there for ten minutes waiting for the butter to melt. Eventually, we got impatient. We wanted to enjoy our little camp out without having to wait forever for our food, so we would give up and just go cook it on the stove in the kitchen.

Obviously, as a vegan, I needed to re-create my love and taste for grilled cheese sandwiches and come up with ways to make them taste wonderful and cheesy so that I don’t feel like I’m “missing out”. And I don’t! This is one of my many different takes on the classic grilled cheese, and it is sure to please. I have indulged on my love-affair with fresh basil in this sandwich (and on more recipes to come). On mine, I like piling on the basil, but I’ve listed only 1 or 2 leaves in the ingredients list for the more sane people out there.

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