Cheesy Garlic-Broccoli-Potato Casserole

Now, this one is a masterpiece and is a great example of how improvisation can sometimes really work out.

I had some leftover broccoli last night from when I made a super healthy brown rice stir fry (recipe coming soon). I had lots of different types of vegan cheeses, potatoes, fusilli, garlic, onions, and all sorts of other casserole-worthy ingredients. When I got to the kitchen, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about making my casserole or how it would look. I was a bit worried that it would turn out a mess. However, I refused to have another Grade C meal (I have Trevor grade my meals for me.) So I carefully planned out how this meal was going to go before I did ANYTHING. And when I knew what to do, it was pretty easy.

And ohmygoodness. I have never been so proud of a meal (even more than my crepes recipe). Everything came out absolutely perfect. A utopian balance of cheesiness, garlic, juiciness, and a¬†beautiful balance between soft and crunchy. The potatoes came out soft, the broccoli was perfect, the cheese was all melted and stringy. Just everything. It’s like all the planets aligned for me, for just this one meal. It’s also pretty healthy, since I used very little oil and plenty of veggies. However, it is pretty carbalicious but that’s not unhealthy, just filling. It’s definitely a comfort food.

I dedicate this one to my sister, Heather,¬†who is obsessed with cheese and broccoli. She’s expecting a baby right now (:D), so she will probably be eating many different combinations of the two throughout the next 8 or so months.

The most important thing of all? I can’t tell a shred of difference between this casserole and a non-vegan one.

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