New Foods: Leahey Gardens Cheese Sauce Mix

This cheese sauce… I don’t even know where to begin with this stuff.

Your vegan lifestyle will not be complete without it.

That’s a good start.

Alright, seriously, this is the best cheese substitute out there. It’s quite versatile. You can put it on nachos, in mac ‘n cheese and other pasta, in casseroles, in soups, use it as fondue dip, on scrambled tofu, and more if you’re creative. It has a wonderfully cheesey, salty flavor and you can add any spices to it you wish to make it match your cuisine (for nachos, I add garlic, paprika, cayenne, and cilantro) and it will still taste good. It is very creamy and is the kind of food that you desperately try to scrape every last bit of it off the pan before you call it quits.

I get it off of VeganEssentials ( usually, although Pangea Foods also carries it. (

This is one of those slightly pricey foods that my budget allows because it is an absolutely necessary staple (at least, for me it is). I strongly suggest purchasing it if you haven’t tried it. It is something to try even if you aren’t a cheese person. Only about $6 a bag, and the bag lasts for quite awhile (so maybe it isn’t out of my budget). Or you can try Leahey Gardens Macaroni and Cheese, because they use the same powder. It’s a smaller sample in case you don’t like it (I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t like it) and it’s a bit cheaper (only $2.99 a bag).


I feel almost an instinctive need to try out all the substitutes and new foods out there just so I have a good knowledge of how to go about making good vegan food. And that definitely helps me have a good idea of how to go about making my own recipes and writing my blog.

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